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Q: Does taking vesicare or elmiron make you have a metallic smell to your urine?
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Does fools gold have a smell?

not much other than a slight metallic surfer smell

What is a metallic smell in the nose a symptom of?

Iron man

Why you smell metallic odor in breath?

metabolic disorder

How does a robot smell?

Well it depends. Most robots will either be clean and new and smell very metallic or have no smell at all. Or you could get an old one that hasn't been cleaned or looked after that will smell of rust and general dirt.

What kind of drugs would smell like skunk or a sweet metallic and chemical odor?


What does a bad clutch smell like?

burnt clutch will smell something like burnt brake pads.. usually clutch disk have semi metallic pads

Why does blood smell like metal?

Blood contains iron, which is essential for carrying oxygen in red blood cells. When blood is exposed to air, the iron in hemoglobin reacts with oxygen and creates a metallic scent. This reaction is what gives blood its characteristic metallic smell.

What does it mean when dog's stools smell metallic?

Most of the time it means to much iron in their food.Or if they are on medicine

How do you get to smell good?

by taking a stupid

What causes metallic body odor?

There are several types of diseases that cause metallic body odor. These include Trimethylaminuria. Exposure to metal can cause a metallic body odor and even a zipper that is placed next to the skin will cause that area to smell like metal.

What does neptunium smell like?

Neptunium is a chemical element with the symbol Npand atomic number 93.A metallic element, it does not have a color.

What gives off a metallic smell from your car?

Brake caliper frozen? Brake linings worn out? Engine compartment? Overheating?