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Canopy tanning beds consist of a canopy with many UV lamps mounted onto it, it does not require you to lie down and be isolated like the regular tanning bed, with a canopy tanning bed you can be in any comfortable position.

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2013-08-20 00:07:20
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Q: What are the differences between a canopy tanning bed and a regular tanning bed?
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A tanning canopy may be purchased from Master Tanning. They have a variety of canopies for sale with a starting price of approximately $1150. They have a twelve month no interest financial plan to help you budget for your purchase.

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Yes you can buy canopy beds in white. It is the canopy itself which can be any color you wish, and as this is easily removed it can be kept pristine white with regular light washing. If your daughter ever gets bored of the white it can also be easily replaced with a canopy of another color.

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