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No. For example if a driver stops at green light and the driver to his rear hits him, it is the driver in front's fault.

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Q: Is the driver who hits another from the rear always at fault?
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Who is at fault if a car hits a person illegally crossing the road jay walking?

The driver. As much as it sounds absurd, if a driver runs over a pedestrian he is always at fault.

Who is at fault when a driver hits a biker who is on the wrong side of the road and wearing headphones?

The driver of the car will always be held at fault. when police and ambulence come to the scene they will automatically say it was the bikers fault. even if it was the drivers fault

Is the driver who hits another from the rear always at fault in the state of Florida?

Not always, there are many factors that can be considered. I would contact your claims department and they should assign fault based on the details of the accident.Another View: The above answer completely negates the probability of the striking driver being charged nby the investigating officer, which is almost 100%. Unless the vehicle in front was moving in reverse at the time, it is virtually ALWAYS the fault of the following driver.

Who pays when the person hits a car and that car hits another car and that car hits another car but the first car is totaled?

It is the fault of driver who was initially at fault. In this case it would be the driver of the first car, because it was because of him that the second car hit the third. if the car is totaled, that's the driver's problem

What happens if the driver at fault hits a car and the driver at fault has no insurance will the car that hits you have to pay for your car?

If you have comprehensive insurance, your policy will cover the damages (less a deductable). In this case, your insurance company will sue the at fault driver. You can also sue the at fault driver for damages (if you do not have comprehensive).

If an insured truck driver from another state hits an uninsured motorist will the insured truck driver's insurance pay the expenses of the uninsured person?

Only if the truck driver was at fault.

Is a driver at fault if another driver hits them in the rear passenger side?

Not enough info here to give an opinion. Usually rear end collisions are the fault of the stiking driver however there are circumstances when the stuck driver is at fault such as failure to yield , failure to stop or improper lane change etc. The investigating officer will determine who is at fault or a traffic court judge will.

Who is liable in washington state if an insured licensed driver hits an insured vehicle with an unlicensed driver?

The at fault driver always has the primary liability for the damages they cause in an accident. (The guy who rams the other guy).

Driver a is making a left turn driver b is going straight but driver b hits driver a passenger side of driver a car. who is at fault?

To tell you the truth, You both are at fault. If you go to court, usually they will tell you that it's the person that didn't have the right - of - way's fault.

Who is at fault when a driver doesn't have a licenses hits you after you change lanes?

well you would be at fault for changing lanes into then, and they would be at fault for not having a licences

Who is at fault if a car zooms into traffic from a parked position and hits another car?

Anytime a car is entering traffic from a parked position, it is that driver's responsibility to make sure that the lane is clear before moving into traffic. The driver of the car entering traffic would be at fault.

If a driver hits me from behind is it their fault?

It can be, unless your brake lights don't work.