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yes, if you are on a pill, the combined for example, you will not need to use any other contraceptive during the 7 day break. However, if condoms are your only method of contraception then continue to use these during your period.

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Q: Is it safe to intercourse during period?
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Is it safe to have intercourse 3 days before your period?

Yes. Perfectly. However, if you wanted to avoid pregnancy, then you MUST use contraception. As you can get pregnant at any point during intercourse. Whether you are on your period or not.

Is it safe to have intercourse 7 days before and after your period?

Yes it is safe

Is it safe for females to urinate during intercourse?

Messy but it is safe.

What are the safe days for intercourse?

You're never safe from getting pregnant. True, at some moments during your period it's a little less likely, but you're never a 100% safe.

Is it safe to have intercourse the day that follows the end of your period?


Is it safe to have intercourse on the 5th day of period?

It is safe at any time, but do you ask in respect of falling pregnant?

When to have intercourse and not to get pregnant?

Do the intercourse in the safe period. It normally starts from 5 days before the cycle and 10 days after the menstrual cycle.

Is it safe to intercourse during first trimester?

Yes; intercourse is perfectly safe throughout your entire pregnancy as long as you, the female, remains comfortable or your doctor orders you to refrain from sex.

You had intercourse the day before your ovulating day is it possible you could become pregnant?

Yes, safe period aren't safe only periods of varying probability. Out of couples relying on safe periods a full 19% gets pregnant during the first year.

Is it possible to be pregnant having safe intercourse and period coming last on 14 th february i had sexual intercourse after my period and my period is three days late?

It depends on what you mean by "safe intercourse." In using any method of birth control there is always a potential of getting pregnant. Nothing is 100% effective except for not having sex. So, yes, there is a possibility that you may be pregnant.

Is it safe to discharge sperm in female after sexual intercourse?

The sperm is usually discharged during intercourse. That one of the prime reasons for intercourse: for male sperm to get into a female for fertilization of her egg(s).It depends on what you mean by "safe". It is the natural method of procreation.

Is it safe 9 days after menstruation?

If you mean sexual intercourse then it's unwise to rely on any so-called safe period. Get proper contraception.