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No, an insurance policy quoted by an agent initially then goes to the underwriting department which reviews it and accepts it. If the underwriting department does not want to accept it due to losses, etc, then they don't have to and will decline it.

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Q: Is it illegal to decline home insurance quote?
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Can I get a home and auto free insurance online quote?

You can indeed get a quote online for auto and home insurance.

Is it illegal to not have insurance on your home and someone is injured in your home?

No it is not

What exactly does home insurance quote mean?

A home insurance quote is an estimate that an insurance company gives a homeowner on how much it would cost annually to insure their home. Home insurance is a service that many companies such as Geico and Progressive provide to protect property.

Where can one get a quote for home and contents insurance?

There are several websites where an individual can get a quote for home and contents insurance. Examples would include Money Supermarket, Allianz, and DirectLine.

Where can one get a car insurance quote?

There are many insurance brokers in your city that would love to give you an car insurance quote. Should one not want to leave their home to get a quote, one can ask for a quote on the net by visiting any insurance site. If the net is not an option one can get a car insurance quote by telephone.

Can you get a free insurance quote from a Direct auto insurance agent?

You, you most certainly can get a free auto insurance quote from Direct Insurance. Their home page has the information for requesting the free quote. You can also call their toll free number and speak to an agent to do this.

Can you get any free quotes from Direct Line home insurance?

To to Direct Line Home Insurance's website and click on "Get a Quote". You will be taken step by step through a series of questions that will allow them to determine the the best type of insurance for your home. Live in an apartment? You can get a free quote for renters insurance too.

What is an average quote for home and content insurance for a two bed house?

The average quote for home and content insurance for a two bedroom house depends on the value and location of this house. The insurance rate also depends on if you are living there or if it is a rental.

How can one get an auto insurance quote from home?

One can get an auto insurance quote from home by simply looking up a auto insurance company online and call customer support or they could look up quotes on the company website.

What are the reasons for declining a home insurance quote?

There are many reasons why an insurer or an insurance agent may decline a to give you a quote. It could be that the property or the home owner and associated risk factors simply do not meet the underwriting guidelines for the insurers property protection program due to the homes age, condition, past claims history, bad credit, geographic location etc. If the property or the owner does not meet the companies underwriting guidelines, it would not be possible to provide the quote.

How may an individual receive an ASDA home insurance quote?

You can get your ASDA home insurance quote easily by going to their website to find your premium or to ensure you have the right coverage for any possible circumstance.

Do most insurance companies offer building and contents insrurance?

Yes. Its just as easy to receive a quote for the building and contents insurance as it is to receive a quote for auto or home owner's insurance.