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The spider gears.

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Q: Which gears in a differential are the ones that tend to break when a spinning rear wheel gets traction?
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Does the transmission affect your traction control?

while the actual shifting of gears isn't typically related to traction control, on most FWD vehicles, the differential is mounted in the casing of the transmission, and that component is a key factor in traction control.AnswerThe Windstar traction control is much more integrated into the ABS (anti-lock braking system) - takes the same signal from the wheel sensors and applies the brakes to any wheels determined to be spinning faster than the others.

How do you take the differential gears out?

how do you take differential gears out from a 2000 Chevy suburban

Is it necessary to get the rear differential service on an Isuzu Rodeo Sport?

Rear differential service is necessary to ensure that the lubricating fluid in the differential does not break down. Replacing the fluid can help prevent ware on the gears.

What causes a rear end differential to lock up?

Broken gears. The differential or ring gear or pinion gears are broken.

Where are spur gears located on a car?

In the differential.

Which part of a car contains the gears?

The engine contains gears, also the transmission and differential(s).Further answerTransmission and gears are the same thing. Normally, these are not actually in the engine but attached to it. The differential likewise.

How many gears are in most cars?

Well in most cars there are 5 gears and the reverse. Don't forget the timing gears, steering gears and differential gears.

2000 dodge grand caravan the big pin that goes threw the differential gears shot threw the housing how does this happen?

The bolt that holds that pin in fails. This can be caused by spinning tires or bad luck.

What would cause locking up in the rear of a 2004 dodge Dakota?

A hung brake, a bad wheel bearing, a bent axle, seized gears in the differential. Or, probably rarely, faulty traction control or ABS (if equipped).

What is the function of spider gear?

Spider gears are the side gears in a differential - the little gears that divide the input power between the two wheels.

Where do you find the gear box on a 1993 Dodge Dakota?

I think what your talking about is you final drive gears. They are in your differential. You also have a gears in your transmission.

What is the purpose of a differential?

A differential divides torque between the two tires equally at all times while allowing for a difference in speed between the two wheels. Do not confuse the ring and pinion for the differential. The differential is made up of the pinion gears (also called spider gears), the cross shaft, and side gears have splines that mate with the axle shaft splines. Example, if you had a 4.11 gear ratio with a torque input of 100 foot pounds and 100 rpm's at the ring gear. Each tire would split 411 foot lbs equally while turning at 100 rpm's. If you were in a slight turn and the inside wheel turned at 80 rpm you would add the reduction in rpm to the other wheel and it would be turning at 120 rpm. Each wheel gets the same rpm when going straight and when one is turning slower the rpm's from that wheel always gets added to the faster wheel Another example, if one wheel was spinning with the same inputs as above and one was not spinning. Each wheel is still dividing the torque evenly but the wheel that is spinning is getting all the rpm's and would be spinning at 200 rpm.