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Your name must be on the Title or Loan in order to get car insurance under your name. Otherwise this is considered Insurance Fraud. It is punishable by the law.

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Q: If your friend takes over your payments while the car remains in your name can he get full coverage insurance and list the lien holder you make payments to?
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Does your insurance cover you in your friend's car?

Yes, some of your own automobile insurance can cover you while driving your friends car. The coverage that your friend has on the car will be the primary coverage and then if that coverage is insufficient for the damage caused then you can go to your own policy for additional coverage.

Whose insurance company pays if you let your friend borrow your car and they hit a deer with it?

The insurance follows the vehicle so your own insurance company would be primary. However, if you don't carry the comprehensive coverage on your own policy and your friend has a vehicle with comprehensive coverage, his coverage would be secondary and pay for the damages.

If you have full coverage auto insurance and am driving a friend's car who doesn't have insurance and you get a no insurance citation who is responsible for this citation?

the owner of the vehicle is responsible for the ticket. he/she/they are legally required to at least have the minimum liability coverage your state requires.

Is an uninsured friend covered by your full coverage insurance if you let them borrow your car in Ohio?

no No. The person who is borrowing the car must also have insurance.

Whose insurance pays when a 16 year old totals a friend's car if she had permission and the friend was with her but neither had serious injuries?

insurance stays with the car......if collision coverage on the vehicle it would pay......

Can you safely give your car having comprehensive and collision coverage to your friend who has a drivers license but no insurance?

If you're asking if your friend can simply borrow your car occasionally, and you carry full coverage and liability on the car, then yes, you should be okay. Car insurance follows the vehicle, so even if your friend has his own coverage and had an accident while driving your car, your insurance would still be primary. If, however, you're talking about allowing your friend to drive the car all the time, on a daily and/or regular basis, you could face problems if you don't let your insurance carrier know that your friend is using the car all the time. This is because the premiums you pay are based on you as a driver, not your friend.

What if your friend parked your car and another vehicle reversed hitting the side of your vehicle Who insurance would cover the damage your insurance friend insurance or the girl who reversed?

The answer depends upon whether or not you maintained collision coverage on your car. This is a type of "first party" coverage that pays for physical damage to your car, usually subject to a deductible. You could normally make a claim to your own collision insurer if you had that coverage. If the driver who backed into your car had liability insurance, you could make a claim against her.

If a minor has been removed from his parents' insurance since 'he never drives the car' is he covered if he is driving a friend's car?

He has no coverage. Unless the minor gets insurance elsewhere. He would likely be covered as a permissive driver of the friend's car, under the friend's policy.

In North Carolina if you have liability coverage only and you damage a friend's car while driving it with their permission are you considered an uninsured driver by your friend's insurance company?

No. If you are driving a vehicle with someone's permission, they assume the risk of letting you drive it and therefore their insurance company also assumes the risk. Under the policy contract, you would be considered an 'insured' because you had permission to use the vehicle. If you were responsible for the damage to your friend's vehicle and the accident was your fault, the only coverage to file would be Collision Coverage. Uninsured motorist is a coverage that would pay for damages to your friend's vehicle if you had been involved in a hit and run accident in which the unknown driver is at fault or if the other driver is known, is at fault and does not have insurance.

If you rent your car to your friend what type of insurance do you need and does he need because I am going overseas for a year and he needs a car?

Absolute full coverage, the best coverage that there is out there plus you have to add them to your insurance, plus the fact that you will be gone a year or longer leaves too many variables and loose ends untied. Will your friend steal your car? Will your friend move. Will your friend sell your car since he will have to be added to your insurance and therfore has every right in certain states to sell that car. Will your friend total your car? Will your friend wreck your car? Kill someone in your car? Sell drugs from your car? Will your friend ETC.?

If a friend uses a insured car and he totals it will progressive insurance cover the damages?

As long as the friend is not excluded on the policy, and you have collision coverage on the vehicle and policy, then most likely yes..

I let a friend drive my car and they had an accident whose insurance pays?

If your friend was at fault- then your insurance policy will pay first. Always remember the insurance follows the vehicle, NOT the driver. If the costs of the accident exceed your policy limits, your friend's policy will respond next.