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It depends on the policy. Your policy may have something in the fine print about allowing another person to drive your car. When you got the policy, you agreed to be responsible which means you are the only one driving the car. You can file a claim with your insurance company, but you will pay through the nose with higher premiums and they may drop your coverage altogether.

Since it was your friend who was driving, he is responsible for the damage. I saw a case in court where the friend was successfully sued for wrecking the owners car. Ask him to pay without a fuss or take him to court. Don't involve your insurance if you can possibly avoid it. And don't allow someone else to EVER drive your car.

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Q: If you let a friend drive your car and he runs off the road and does major damage to your car will your full coverage insurance cover it?
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Does your insurance cover you in your friend's car?

Yes, some of your own automobile insurance can cover you while driving your friends car. The coverage that your friend has on the car will be the primary coverage and then if that coverage is insufficient for the damage caused then you can go to your own policy for additional coverage.

What does insurance cover for wind and hail damage coverage?

Insurance will cover whatever damage to your vehicle as long as you have comprehensive insurance. As long as you have a HO-3 insurance, it will cover the replacement cost to your house if you take wind or hail damage as well.

Does liability auto insurance cover your car if you hit a pole?

No. Liability insurance will only cover your liability for property damage/injuries to others. In this case, it would cover the damage to the pole you hit. Your liability coverage will never cover damage to anything you own. You would need collision/comprehensive coverage to cover damage to your car.

If you have full coverage insurance and a person who is not licensed gets into an accident in your vehicle can insurance cover your car damage?

Yes.Thats what full coverage covers

Will insurance cover your car repair if you were the one who hit the uninsured person and you have coverage?

if you have full coverage insurance, yes it will cover you and other driver, depending on the limit of your collison coverage you have. if damage exceeds your coverage, then you have pay out of your own pocket to cover other driver's medical expense and damage. asian623

Does State Farm Auto Insurance cover flood damage?

Yes it does, through their comprehensive insurance coverage.

If you are driving your roommates car and damage it in your driveway whose insurance covers it?

Insurance follows the car. Your roommates insurance will cover the damage providing that he has "collision" coverage.

Does homeowner insurance cover damage from a tree falling on an automobile?

No. Comprehensive coverage on the auto does that.

What if your friend parked your car and another vehicle reversed hitting the side of your vehicle Who insurance would cover the damage your insurance friend insurance or the girl who reversed?

The answer depends upon whether or not you maintained collision coverage on your car. This is a type of "first party" coverage that pays for physical damage to your car, usually subject to a deductible. You could normally make a claim to your own collision insurer if you had that coverage. If the driver who backed into your car had liability insurance, you could make a claim against her.

Will homeowners insurance cover damage to a car damaged at your home?

It depends on the situation but mostly the car insurance comprehensive coverage would cover any damage done in a non-moving accident.

Will car insurance cover if you damage your own car?

If you intentionally do the damage then it is excluded and the policy will provide no coverage. <><><> To expand upon above answer, it depends on your insurance coverage. As said, deliberate damage is not covered. LIABILITY insurance covers damage you do to someone else or their property. COLLISION insurance covers damage you may do to your own car (by accident)

Does home insurance cover damage to sheds?

IF your policy has coverage for "additional structures" and most do. Then you should have coverage, subject to your deductible of course