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Q: If you have a deep cut what should you soak the cut in?
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What should you do if you have a very deep cut?

Go to the hosptial.

There is dry scabes on the open wound of the horse can i cut it off?

You should soak it off with a warm water & epsom salt solution

Do you cut and then deep condition your hair at a salon?

no you deep condition then cut

What is a 4 letter word for absorbed with?

Deep, kept, held, soak

When was The Cut Runs Deep created?

The Cut Runs Deep was created in 1990.

When did Operation Deep Cut happen?

Operation Deep Cut happened in 1941.

What do you do for a deep cut on the bottom of your foot?

how do I treat deep cut under foot

How long should you apply pressure to a deep cut on your hand?

probably as long as you can until you get to a doctor

How long to soak potatoes when on dialysis?

You can soak the peeled and cut potatoes for up to 24 hours prior to boiling.

How long should your feet soak in epsom salt?

One should measure 1/8 cup Epsom salt into the soak water per each cup of soak water. One should soak his/her feet for as long as desired.

What happens when you cut your belly buttons?

It should be just like any other cut, if its not extremely deep then just get the band-aids out and you'll be fine.

Is it ok to ride a horse when it has a cut on its leg?

It depends on the severity of the cut. If it is a deep cut, if it bleeds when the horse moves too much, or if the horse limps from the pain of it, then no, you should not ride the horse. However, if the horse doesn't limp because of it, if it doesn't bleed, and if it isn't very deep, then I think it should be OK to ride. Ask your vet to be safe.