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I believe that a unipolar lead is one with a single lead while a bipolar lead is one with multiple or 2 or more leads.

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Q: What is the difference between bipolar and unipolar leads?
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How do you record augmented leads?

after the bipolar leads

What is the difference between - bipolar and uni polar stepper motor?

The main difference between bipolar and unipolar stepper motors lies in their coil configuration. Bipolar stepper motors have two separate coil windings per phase, allowing current reversal in the coils, while unipolar stepper motors have center-tapped coils which can be energized in one direction only. This means that bipolar motors have stronger torque but require more complex control circuits, while unipolar motors are easier to control but have lower torque output.

Which leads of the electrocardoigram are the bipolar leads?

1 2 and 3

What are the first set of leads to be recorded on an electrocardiogram called?

standard or bipolar limb leads?

What is the difference between proximate and ultimate analysis?

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What are the bipolar leads?

The leads in Einthoven's Triangle, which are Leads I (left and right arm), II (right arm and left foot)), and III (left arm and foot).

What types of leads are there in ECG?

chest limb and augmented--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Standard Limb Leads (Bipolar) "Einthoven's Triangle"Lead I: right and left arms (lateral wall)Lead II: right arm and left foot (inferior wall)Lead III: left arm and [usually] foot (inferior wall)- Note that the right arm is always negatively charged and the left foot is always positively chargedAugmented Leads (Unipolar*)aVR: right arm (no specific view)aVL: left arm (lateral wall)aVF: left leg [usually foot] (inferior wall)Precordial "Chest" Leads (Unipolar*)- see link called "precordial 'chest' leads" in related links for diagramV1: 4th intercostal space to right of sternum (septal wall)V2: 4th intercostal space to left of sternum (septal wall)V3: between leads V2 and V4 (anterior wall)V4: 5th intercostal space at midclavicular line (anterior wall)V5: level with V4 at left anterior axillary line (lateral wall)V6: level with V5 at left midaxillary line, directly under midpoint of armpit (lateral wall)* It's important to note that with the unipolar leads, they work assuming that the "center point" is negative and the ends (the actual lead placement) are positive.

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IGBT and BJT are bipolar devices as the name suggest. Meaning of bipolar device both electrons and holes leads to current unlike FET where either electron or hole causes current.

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