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They think it probably was so cool.

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Q: What do 13 year old boys think when they kiss their girlfriend?
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How do you get an 11 year old boy to kiss you if he has a girlfriend?

ask for a kiss

Can ten year old girls kiss boys on the cheek?

It's physically possible, sure. At ten boys still think girls are gross anyway...

Do 12 year olds have to kiss to be boyfriend and girlfriend?

No, you do not have to kiss anyone unless you are comfortable with it.

Can 10 year boys get a girlfriend?

It is possible

When should you kiss your 13 year old girlfriend?

Not untill16

How should 11 year old boys kiss?

In today's society it is kinda weird for 11 year old boys to kiss because it is such a young age. But 11 year old boys should kiss like everyone else, with their lips. Just pucker up.

How can you kiss your girlfriend that is 9 and you told you want to kiss her?

DUDE!!!! She's nine!!!!! you don't kiss a nine year old!! How stupid are you?!

How does a 12 year old kiss his girlfriend?

By sticking his tongue in her gob

Can 8 year old boys kiss 8 year old girls?


Can 13 year olds kiss?

Of course they can you and the one you are kissing just have to be ready i kiss my girlfriend all the time

Can 9 year old boys try and get a date and kiss lips to lips?

Yes because all you have to do is fliert a LOT! But it's still possible because I have a girlfriend and I'm only 10!

How should ten year old boys kiss ten year old girls?

they shouldn't.