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Yes. The fact that your license is suspended is NOT considered a contributing circumstance to an accident.

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Q: If someone hits you and it is their fault will their insurance cover your damage if your license is suspended?
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What happens if I'm driving my friends car and i get into an accident but my license is suspended will her insurance cover the damage?

It all depends on her insurance cover

If the owner lets another person with a suspended license drive his car and that person hits another car are they responsible for the damage?

Probably so. And if the owner knew the driver had a suspended license, his insurance probably won't pay.

What happens if you have no auto insurance and a suspended license your sitting at red light and a car slams into the back of you and there is damage to your car driver admits its his fault?

You should have insurance whether it is your fault or not.

Will insurance cover the driver if they get into an accident and their driver's license is suspended?

Check the laws of your state and your policy. In my state, it is illegal to drive with a suspended license. Your policy will have exclusions and limitations that specify their position on damage incurred while engaged in illegal activity. In summary... NO.

What to do to get a persons license suspended that had no insurance and did damage to your vehicle?

Your best bet is to sue the person for your damages and let the law take care of the other part.

What happens if you do not have a license and wreck someone else's car?

You will be charged with property damage and driving without a license and most likely driving without insurance. Not good.

What if you have full coverage insurance for your car and you have a single car accident and you have a suspended license does the insurance people still pay for it?

* wrong side driving car was total damage * drank liqueds and drove the car it is also pay *

What if your license will be suspended for failing refusing or neglecting to report an accident in which there is more than worth of property damage an injury or death?

Simply stated, if your license is suspended, you will not be permitted to drive legally.

Will insurance pay for a wreck if you have no license or insurance?

If you don't have insurance then there will be no one to pay for an accident. If you are hit by someone who doesn't have insurance your own insurance policy may pay for damage to your vehicle as well as bodily injury within your policy or state limits

What do you do when you are involved in an accident that was not your fault but your insurance has lapsed and the other driver wants your information?

Tell that driver exactly that. And see what type of arrangement, you can come up with. In most states, your license will be suspended for a year, so if its not your fault, explain to the driver, even with your information it will not tilt the scales in his favor with the insurance company, but surely damage your license.

Will the insurance company pay for a vehicle that was driven by a suspended license driver that no other cars was involved?

Probably not. Insurance companies will always look for ways to negate or lower the amount of claim damage they have to pay out as compensation. Driving the vehicle without a license (or a suspended one) would constitute a breech of the contract/ agreement and they would not pay. Although if the vehicle were stolen and then driven by an unlicensed party (and the incident reported to the authorities), they would have to pay.

What are the likely charges for twoc no license or insurance and 2 counts of criminal damage to your car?

The charges for TWOC, no license or insurance, and 2 counts of criminal damage will vary. This will vary depending on the location in which the incidents occurred.