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You will be charged with property damage and driving without a license and most likely driving without insurance. Not good.

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Q: What happens if you do not have a license and wreck someone else's car?
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If you do not have car insurance can you drive someone elses car?

yes you can but if you wreck and they have insurance their car will be ok but your screwed

What happens if you have a wreck with no insurance and no drivers license?

hopefully, you go to jail

What happens if you wreck someones car who has insurance but you have no license and they are not pressing charges?

If they are not pressing charges, then they are giving you permission to drive their vehicle. If you give someone who doesn't have a drivers license permission to drive your vehicle, you are voiding your insurance coverage. The Insurance company will not pay.

Will my insurance go up if someone is driving my car without a license?

They wouldn't know someone was driving your car without a license so it would go up. However, if they have a wreck in your car the insurance company will most likely not cover the accident because the person didn't have a license.

What happenes if your under the infruence and wreck and kill someone?

You will be charged with DUI and probably manslaughter. It will likely result in a suspended license, fines and jail time.

What is a train wreck?

A track wreck happens when a train is derailed off its tracks. Sometimes, it happens as an engineering and manufacturing mistake, but it also happens as a result of guerilla sabotage.

If you wreck and you are driving someone else's car what happens?

Your friend may sue you, and tell you to pay the wrecking bill, or they'll forgive you and they'll pay it. But the wreck will go under your name, and charged against you. I hope that helps!

If your daughter is included on your insurance policy and loans her car to her boyfriend who has a suspended license due to DUI are you liable if he has an accident?

If you knowingly let someone with no license drive your car, not only are you liable if he has a wreck. You could loose your license if he just gets pulled over for a bad tail light!

How to tell you love someone who's taken?

YOU DON'T. Do not home wreck someone's relationship. You will find love in someone who will completely love you back. Don't wreck another's love.

What happen if a 19yrs wreck a car and has no license or insurance?

You will be cited for not having a license and people would bill you for any damage you caused.

If your license is suspended in the state of Florida but not suspended in the state of Mississippi and you have a wreck will your insurance still cover you?

Are you planning to have a wreck or did you already have one? Call and ask your agent or claims agent.

What happens when tie rod brakes on Mercury Villager?

You wreck the car !!!!!!!!!