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If this person is a member of your household or a regular driver of the vehicle then you have lied to your insurance company and on the application. This is material misrepresentation and will void the coverage on the vehicle. This means they will not pay for any damages or injuries caused by the accident. Insurance companies do not like it whenever you loan your vehicle because they have no way to evaluate the risk. If you are doing it intentionally to avoid paying premium for a minor or person who should be listed then they will deny the coverage and most likely cancel your policy.

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Q: How will your car insurance be affected if someone else was driving your car and had a wreck?
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Does the supervisor have do be insured on the car the lerner is driving?

Not sure, but when you wreck into someone and get taken to court insurance might help.

What happens if you do not have a license and wreck someone else's car?

You will be charged with property damage and driving without a license and most likely driving without insurance. Not good.

If you have insurance and are driving somebody else's car if you have a wreck who's insurance company do you call?

You would call the insurance company of the person's car that you are driving. The insurance follows the car and not the insured.

Will my insurance go up if someone is driving my car without a license?

They wouldn't know someone was driving your car without a license so it would go up. However, if they have a wreck in your car the insurance company will most likely not cover the accident because the person didn't have a license.

If driving a company vehicle after hours and i wreck into someone am i reliable?

If driving a company truck when not at work you are reliable for everything. If you wreck you could get fired and have to pay for damages.

If you do not have car insurance can you drive someone elses car?

yes you can but if you wreck and they have insurance their car will be ok but your screwed

What happens if you have a wreck without auto insurance and still money to the bank?

You'll be ticketed for driving with an invalid registration and driving without insurance, and you still owe that money to the bank.

What if i wreck my vehicle and it's not paid for?

Drivers are required to have insurance. If you wreck your vehicle, the insurance company will pay for it. If you are driving without insurance in a vehicle that is not paid for, you still are obligated to repay the money you borrowed to buy the car. It is not the bank's fault that you wrecked the vehicle.

What happens if you wreck a car that you dont insure?

If the vehicle has insurance it will cover damage to the other vehicle but not the one you are driving. Now if you have insurance on another vehicle your insurance will cover the damage to the vehicle that you where driving even though it is not on your policy.

If you are selling someone your car and thay wreck it who's liable for it?

If the title, registration, and insurance are still all in your name, you (or your insurance company) would be responsible.

Why is house insurance not required by law?

Because if you are dumb enough to have a house without insurance, the only one who loses money if anything happens will be you - if you don't have automobile insurance and you wreck, you might hurt someone else or wreck their car, too, so you have to be insured so that they get paid.

You sustained injuries while driving a friends car does their insurance cover your pain and suffering?

Whether the drivers injures are covered under the insurance depends on the type of insurance carried. It also depends on if the wreck was their fault or not.