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Q: How many people owed television in the US in 1928?
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What actress was jailed for taxes owed?

Selena Gomez

What was the British TV commercial where the woman answered the door in a towel for a guy who owed her husband money?

Don't know about a commercial, but heard a joke along those lines. It about a married guy loaning money to buddy and the buddy stops by the house to pay back the husband. The wife knows nothing about the loan. The buddy stops by the married guys house and the wife answers the door, who then informs the buddy that the husband is not home. The buddy ( who's always been attracted to the wife) starts to offer her money to sleep with him up to the excess of $250. The wife finally agrees because she knows that her and the husband could use the money. later on the that day when the husband returns home, he ask the wife if his buddy stopped by, nervously she answers, "yes and why?". The husband then replies, "because today was his payday, and he was supposed to pay me back the $250 i loaned him earlier in the week"

Who saved Katniss's life during the hunger games because he owed her one?

Thresh. He spared Katniss's life because she partnered with Rue and tried to save her when she died.

In the ABC sitcom Greek What did the note say for Casey when Cappie paid back the money he owed her?

The note said: Life's a b*tch & so am I. Sorry you had to bail me out. Cappie

How did darla get pregnant on angel?

The theory is that because Angel completed the trials for Darla...and then Darla was not able to be saved...that Angel was still owed a life and that that life was given to him through a newborn child.

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What are people called have a debt owed to them?

A creditor is someone who has a debt owed to them. The one who owes the debt is the debtor.

What does a drawback specialist do?

A drawback specialist helps people to obtain money owed to them by customs. They generally specialize in recovering import duties that are owed to people.

Why did the colonist came to Georgia?

for debtors,people who owed money

Which colony was settled for people in Great Britain who owed large debts and had a climate good for growing sugarWhich colony was settled for people in Great Britain who owed large debts and had a cl?


What is the definition of debt?

A lump sum of money which is owed to someone/a group of people.

Why did kenneka jenkins die?

Them people owed they had to come up wit some1

How do people working for the IRS know if one has back taxes owed?

People that work for the IRS have a wide variety of financial and tax information available to them, so it's easy for them to know if a person has back taxes owed.

What happens to a lien placed on a property and that person who is owed the money dies?

The debt is owed to their estate.The debt is owed to their estate.The debt is owed to their estate.The debt is owed to their estate.

How do you collect money owed to you?

tell people who borrowed your money that you would like it back

Is there government owed to me?

Is there government money owed to me?

Who said never has so much been owed by so many to so few?

Sir Winston ChurchillAugust 20, 1940Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few

How many sugar plantation did the Catholic church owned?

To the best of my knowledge, the Catholic Church, itself, never owned any sugar plantations, many of the people who owed sugar plantations were Catholic, but their plantations did not belong to the church.