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The theory is that because Angel completed the trials for Darla...and then Darla was not able to be saved...that Angel was still owed a life and that that life was given to him through a newborn child.

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Q: How did darla get pregnant on angel?
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When was Darla - Angel episode - created?

Darla - Angel episode - was created on 2000-11-14.

Who sired Angel in Buffy?


In angel Why does drusilla call darla grandmother?

Because Angelus was Drusilla's sire, and Darla sired Angelus hence making Darla the "grandsire", or grandmother of Drusilla

What is Angel's clan's name?

Angel Investigations The vampire clan from which Angel comes is known as the "Order of Aurelius." It includes the Master, Darla, Angel, Drusilla, and Spike.

Who does Angel truly love Darla Buffy or Cordelia?

A long time ago he loved darla and darla made him a vampire. Then he met bufy and he loved her but then on buffy's graduation day he left for la where he fell inlove with cordelia. Buffy went to see angel but nothing happened. He only truly loves Buffy and Cordelia.

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What episode does angel bite Buffy's mom?

Angel never bites Buffy's mom. Darla bites her, then throws Joyce at Angel, and Buffy walks in on Angel holding her mother, while her mother has bite marks on her neck. Buffy just thought that Angel had feed off of her mother.

Did Angels sleep with Humans?

Angel did sleep with "Buffy" The Vampire Slayer And i think with Darla when she was human again And I'm not sure about Cordy

What is the birth name of Darla Gordon?

Darla Derriere's birth name is Cristi Lyon.

What episode does spike and angel discover each other are vampires?

Angel (Angelus) sired (turned into a vampire) Drusilla who in turn sired Spike (William). Spike traveled with Drusilla, Angel, and Darla around the 1880's. So essentially Angel has always been aware that Spike was a vampire.

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