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Unless she is pregnant, or you are her sex partner, you will have to ask.
ask her

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Q: How can you tell if a girl is sexually active?
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How can you tell if someone is not sexually active?

You generally can't. There aren't any visible signs of being sexually active or not being sexually active, unless you see them in the act.

Can you tell if someone is sexually active from a blood test?

It is possible to tell if someone is sexually active from a blood test. This will be done in addition to other clinical tests so as to be certain.

How do you know if a women is sexually active?

You can usually tell when a women is sexually active because of their behaviour. they seem happier but more secretive and not normal.

When a girl becomes sexually active is it common for her body to change as if she was pregnant?

You should not experience pregnancy symptoms just because you starting becoming sexually active.

If a girl is 15-years-old and she isn't sexually active with the guy may she go out with a 21-year-old guy?

sexually active or not this is a bad idea!

What does a period enable a girl to do?

Once a girl has begun to menstruate (get her period), then she is able to have a baby and become sexually active.

Is it normal for a girl to restart her period after not having been sexually active for a while?

why wouldn't it be

How do i tell my mum i am sexually active I'm a boy?

Is perfectly OK to confine in your mom that you are sexually active, the best she can do is to take you to a doctor. You don't want to fool around in catch any viruses.

What is the percentage of interracial sex among sexually active white male teens?

25% of sexually white male teens have had sex with a black girl

What do you do if your parents find out you are a very sexually active with many men?

You tell them the truth... nothing else to do

If you are sexually active under 18 and you went to the gynecologist could the gynecologist know that you are sexually active and then tell your guardian?

Yes the Dr. can tell if you are active and there is a privacy law about telling your parents.If you dont want them to know tell your Dr. At 18 you are no longer considered a minor and the privacy act would not allow the doctor to tell your guardian. You don't have to say a thing because you are an adult now.

What age do you girls first get sexually active?

It depends entirely on the individual ! Puberty in girls can happen as young as 8 or 9 years old - or as late as 20. As for being 'sexually active' that is solely the responsibility of the girl.