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why wouldn't it be

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2011-09-13 02:47:27
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Q: Is it normal for a girl to restart her period after not having been sexually active for a while?
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Is it normal for a 14 year old to be sexually active?

I was.

How do you know if a women is sexually active?

You can usually tell when a women is sexually active because of their behaviour. they seem happier but more secretive and not normal.

You have light brown spotting but only on tissue is this normal?

Are you sexually active? because if so you might be having Implantation bleeding. Which means you might be pregnant

Why am I having wet dreamsI am sexually active married 4 7yrs it's my first time after my teenage yrs that I have had wet dreams.Pls explain if this is normal - I am 33yrs old?

I might ask a doctor about this. Usually wet dreams happen because of stored up semen. But if you are sexually active, that's more than likely not it. It could be that you are having extremely erotic dreams.

Is it normal to skip 2 periods if you just started to menustrate?

Yup...especially if you're sexually active.

Is it normal to skip your period?

It is normal to skip your period due to hormonal fluctuations. Of course you could also be pregnant if you are sexually active. If you are concerned, see your doctor.

Is it normal for a girl to get really wet when running?

It is perfectly fine It just means you are sexually active In other words horny

Is it normal to have your period for 1 day?

yes, it's completely normal. it doesn't always mean your pregnant, but if you are sexually active than i would take a pregnancy test.

Can an 8 year old be sexually active?

Yes, an 8 year old "can" be sexually active. But I don't think any 8 year old "should" have sex. It is normal for two boys as young as 8 to masturbate each other or two girls.

Were you sexually active as teenager and how do you feel about that now?

I was sexually active as a teenager, within my culture there's no shame put on being sexually active as a teenager as long as you are legally old enough and you're mature enough to deal with the consequences. The only way I feel about it is that I regret I didn't know more about sex to understand that not reaching climax during penetrative vaginal sex alone was normal.

What makes a seven year old male child to be sexual active and is it normal?

No it is NOT normal!! A seven yr old is just a child! They should not even know about being sexually active. I would ask him if someone has done something harmful to him. If you can't talk to him find someone (a counselor) that can. Maybe he was sexually abused, and he is acting out. Please get HELP AND FAST!!

Can fairies in their human size be sexually abused by werewolves in their human form?

Werewolves in their active state are not interested in something as mundane as sex. In their inactive form they would be as sexually intrigued as any normal to virile adult.

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