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I was sexually active as a teenager, within my culture there's no shame put on being sexually active as a teenager as long as you are legally old enough and you're mature enough to deal with the consequences. The only way I feel about it is that I regret I didn't know more about sex to understand that not reaching climax during penetrative vaginal sex alone was normal.

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Q: Were you sexually active as teenager and how do you feel about that now?
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Can a 53 year old get pregnant who has not had a period in 10 years n now active sexually?

Well...yes if You already started You period b4 and You r now sexually active then it is possible to get pregnant!

What group of people are most at risk of HIV infection right now?

Sexually active people.

Was to see your period on Thursday it did not came an today is now Wednesday?

If you are sexually active take a pregnancy test.

Can a teenager feel sex?

Yes they can but I don't recommend it Now because it leads to pregnancies and bad things.

Should you have a PAP test within one year of being sexually active or can you wait longer?

The doctors like for you to have a pap test done once you become sexually active. Have the PAP test now. Best thing to be certain everything is ok down there.

You are not sexually active but your period is now two weeks delayed what does this mean?

just keep waiting, it could be a delay of hormones from your body.

Is talor laurent a virgin?

Probably not, No offence to him, but knowing how most stars (and guys) are now, when you put them together, you just get a sexually active person.

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Right now, she is acting! She is a teenager right now! She acts, and she sings!

If you are sexually active under 18 and you went to the gynecologist could the gynecologist know that you are sexually active and then tell your guardian?

Yes the Dr. can tell if you are active and there is a privacy law about telling your parents.If you dont want them to know tell your Dr. At 18 you are no longer considered a minor and the privacy act would not allow the doctor to tell your guardian. You don't have to say a thing because you are an adult now.

What is the meaning when a lady sits legs double crossed?

One of my teachers told me that it used to mean that you were sexually active. But now I just think that its a feminine way of sitting.

When you drink milk what happens?

your bones get stronger your always active which is quite good for you. you wont feel it now but really i experimented.

What are the causes in delay of mentrual period for a month now?

if you are inconsistent, especially if your an adolescent, or it could be because your body is stressed and this causes prolonged delays in the menstrual cycle. If you missed a period and have been sexually active you could also be pregnant. If you havent been active sexually it could also just be the stress again. i would not worry delays happen all the time our bodies are not perfect.