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It depends entirely on the individual ! Puberty in girls can happen as young as 8 or 9 years old - or as late as 20. As for being 'sexually active' that is solely the responsibility of the girl.

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Q: What age do you girls first get sexually active?
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What age do most girls go on birth control?

Hopefully as soon as they become sexually active, if not before.

Can you have kids at 11?

If you have reached puberty, have had your first period, and are sexually active, then yes. However, you should not be sexually active at this age and much less be preoccupied about possible pregnancy.

How does a girl become sexually fit?

in the age of 16 girls become for sexually.

What age do wild horses become sexually active?

about 2

Most sexually active age for women?

49 years old

Why did Ted Bundy pick college girls as victims?

He was sexually attracted to girls of that age.

Are STDs most common in people over 30?

STD are common in people who are sexually active... if you are sexually active at the age of 20 then you are high risk to have an STD.

How sexually active is the average 33 year old male?

most males are very sexually active until death and some loose there sexuality after age 40

What age do most people start becoming sexually active?

In most places, the age of consent is 16

You dont think you will or want to get married so when is a good age to have the choice of becoming sexually active I think 18 is a reasonable age but im not sure.?

Age of consent is most often 18, but becoming sexually active with a partner you love and trust is worth waiting for.

Can you have a pap smear even if you are not sexually active?

No. A pap smear also checks for cervical abnormalities, infections or cancer, and is for all females who are 18+ years of age, or who have become sexually active earlier than that.

Why is your breast hurting?

Because they are growing. But, if you are already grown, then what size are they? There could be other possibilities but first I would need to know, size of your boobs, age, and if you are sexually active.