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most males are very sexually active until death and some loose there sexuality after age 40

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Q: How sexually active is the average 33 year old male?
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What season is a male rabbit sexual active?

Male rabbits are sexually active all year round.

What is the average blood pressure for an active 37 year old male?


What is an average active heart rate for a 28 year old male?

u a loser

Are 12 year olds suppost to be sexually active?

Yes I do

If a girl is 15-years-old and she isn't sexually active with the guy may she go out with a 21-year-old guy?

sexually active or not this is a bad idea!

Is it good for an 8 year old to be sexually active?

No, it is very bad.

How many calories per day for a 25-year-old man?

2550 For a average male more if you are active, less if you aren't.

How many month in a year is a pet male rabbit sexual active?

how many month in a year is a male pet rabbit more sexual active

Can an 8 year old be sexually active?

Yes, an 8 year old "can" be sexually active. But I don't think any 8 year old "should" have sex. It is normal for two boys as young as 8 to masturbate each other or two girls.

What percent sexually active teens contract STD each year?

50% you welcome

Can a 12 year old boy be sexually active with a 13 year old girl?

Physically he can be. Legally he can't.

What makes a seven year old male child to be sexual active and is it normal?

No it is NOT normal!! A seven yr old is just a child! They should not even know about being sexually active. I would ask him if someone has done something harmful to him. If you can't talk to him find someone (a counselor) that can. Maybe he was sexually abused, and he is acting out. Please get HELP AND FAST!!