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bamalay kuh bakit tinatanong mu ko

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Q: How can you sustain your good posture?
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What is a good sentence for posture?

Her posture during the class was not good. It is an example sentence using posture.

How do you use posture in a sentence?

So simple... I have very good posture...use very good posture...u need posture when playin and instrument...

Why do you have to have a good posture when singing?

have good posture lets you get more air cause you luges are not compress so you can sing for longer if you have good posture

Is good posture important?

It is very important to have a good posture... If not, your bones and your muscles will be stucked forever and it will be permanent. So, meaning, having a good posture.

How does good posture develop self confidence?

how does good posture develop self confidence

How can you use posture in a sentence?

Good posture at the piano can enhance your musicality and bad posture can impede it.

What is meant by having a good posture?

Good posture means your statue and the way in which you hold your self. Example a good posture means a good back and picking your feet up whilst walking.

Proper health habits for good posture?

No good if you have posture affecting diseases is it. Nothing you can do about it in that case.

What are good posture?

is ur body posture example;standing,sitting,

Detail of good posture and bad posture?

Good posture is when your back is straight, arms to your sides, feet flat on the floor. Bad posture is slumped in your chair, arms across your stomach, and barely opening your lungs.

Is sway back posture a good posture?

Swayback -- aka swayback posture -- is one of several types of posture ... Also, maintaining a strong core is vital to a healthy upright posture.

What is a sentence for the word posture?

His bad posture has been causing him back pains.Your posture needs correcting.