Pill imprinted M 15 and scored?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It is a Oxycodone 15 mg

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Q: Pill imprinted M 15 and scored?
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What mg are red Xanax?

-A oval peach pill imprinted with "2088 V" is 0.5mg Xanax.-A oval peach pill imprinted with "BP 261" is 0.5mg Xanax.-A oval peach pill imprinted with "604" is 0.5mg Xanax.-A oval peach pill imprinted with "ALP 0.5 APO" is 0.5mg Xanax.-A round peach pill imprinted with "R 87" is 2mg XR Xanax.-A oval peach pill "G 3720" is 0.5mg Xanax.-A round peach pill imprinted with "MYLAN A3" is 0.5mg Xanax.-A round peach pill imprinted with "R 029" is 0.5mg Xanax.-A round pink pill imprinted with "M A24" is 3mg XR Xanax.-A pentagonal peach pill imprinted with "G 0.5" is 0.5 XR Xanax.-XR = Extended Release.

What is round white pill with M on one side and A21 on the other?

According to's Pill Identifier, a round white pill imprinted with 'M' and 'A21' is Alprazolam Extended-Release, 0.5mg.

How many milligrams is onw Xanax?

there are 4 or 5 differrent pack of xanax. 0.25mg (White), 0.50 (Pink), 1mg (Purple), 2mg (White), 2mg Tri-score (White)...I'm not sure why they have 2 different kinds of 2 mg. But I'm pretty sure the 2mg tri-score is stronger than the normal 2mg.

M 8 triangle pill?

Dilaudid 8mg - White triangle scored pill with an M on one side and a 8 on the other side

What pill is marked m on one side 751?

According to's Pill Identifier, there are at least 7 pills that have '751' imprinted on them. The shape, color and other imprints would be needed to help ID the pill.

What does a Roxy 20 pain pill look like?

roxys(roxycodon) i believe are only offered in 15 and 30 milligrams. the 15's are green and the 30's are either white or blue. they either say 215 or the letter M inside of a box. i STRONGLY advise you not to take them and if you know someone who has then talk to them. i have been struggeling with Roxy addicition for over a year. not only is it expensive but its ruining my life. they are bery addictive. they kill chemicals in your brain which will make your body hurt and feel depressed until you have been clean for ONE WHOLE YEAR!!!!! i wish they were never invented! There is no Roxy 20 ; Roxy's in general are 30 milligram blue or white pills. Some of them have the letter M on the pill, some of them have a215 on the pill, and some of them have a music note on the pill. Sometimes you can get them in 15's, They are usually green, The only ones I know about are green 15 Milligrams with the letter M, and the green 15 milligram that says a 214 on the pill.

What does an oxycodone imm release tabletnlook like?

Oxycodone 5mg imm rel tabs is small rounf whit pill with an M imprinted on it and the other side is 05/52 on it

What kind of a pill has a M on it with 751 on the back?

cyclobenzaprine commonly used for the treatment of muscle spasms... but seek real medical advice before taking.

What is a m15 pill?

If it were a drug (small round white pill, M over 15), it might be Lomotil, an antidiarrheal.

What is a Green round pill 15 m?

It is a pain killer called oxycodone. It is 15mg immediate release

What is pill 650 w o for?

I could not find anything on a pill imprinted with '650 W O'. Could the letters be 'O M' rather than 'W O'? Via an onsite Pill Identifier, I found that there is a capsule-shaped yellow pill that contains Acetaminophen and tramadol hydrochloride 325 mg / 37.5 mg. Verify this information with your doctor or pharmacist. This drug is a narcotic analgesic and is used to treat pain.

What pill is a very small white round pill with m on top and 15 on bottom nothing on the other side?

If any pill is NOT properly labeled with manufacture, expiry date and drug company detail, please discard it.