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Q: How can rest influence health?
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How can development influence health?

Eat, sleep and rest. If the pregnant mother begins and continues to take care of herself.

How does access to employment influence health related behavior?

How does access to employment influence health related behaviour How does access to employment influence health related behaviour

How gender of the health professional influence transference?

how can the gender of a health proffesional influence transference

Does social health influence spiritual health?

well where i live the social health influence i think they do take care about their people social influence i can believe something we really have to take and spirit health where your going with

What factors influence you health?


Be hava a rest?

It is good to have a rest if you are to be in good and sound health.

What are the factors that influence the health equilibrium?

the factors that affect the health equilibrium is the

What can influence a person's health status?

Medical care, gentic makeup, and lifestyle decisions can all influence a person's health status.

What environmental factors cannot influence your health status?

Very few environmental factors absolutely cannot influence your health. Perhaps only smells cannot have a strong impact on your health.

Which influence on health cannot be changed?


What is a negative influences on community health?

A lack of health resources becomes a negative influence on community health.

Does Brazil influence the rest of the world and if it does how does it?

Apples are awsome