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Very few environmental factors absolutely cannot influence your health. Perhaps only smells cannot have a strong impact on your health.

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Q: What environmental factors cannot influence your health status?
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What is sociomedical model of health care?

They focus on the influence that social and environmental factors, such as diet and housing; can have on the health and well-being of a person.

Which of the following environmental factors can influence your health status?

Traffic light telephone poles

What environmental factors can influence your health status?

Exposure to hazardous substances in the air, water, soil, and foodNatural and technological disastersPhysical hazards

What are the factors that influence the health equilibrium?

the factors that affect the health equilibrium is the

How do genetics affect your health?

There has always been debate over the effect of nature versus nurture on health. The most common idea today is that genetics and environmental factors have an equal influence on a person's health.

What are the factors that influence health?

There are many, many thing that influence your health. Some common ones (some a person can control, others a person cannot) are.... *Diet / Nutrition *BMI (Body Mass Index) *Exercise Habits *Muscle Mass *Body Fat Percentage *Bad Personal Habits (drinking, smoking, ect.) *General Activity Level *Family History / Genetics *Environmental Factors / Pollution

What factors influence you health?


How do environmental factors affect the health of lung tissues?

Environmental factors like dirt can poorly affect the health of the lung tissues if inhaled. These particles will agitate the tissue.

Micro-environmental factors that affect the development and introduction of a health drink?

what are the micro environmental factors that affect business environment?

Which influence on health cannot be changed?


What environmental factors affecting health?

Pollution Nutrition Allergies Stress

Which influence on health cannot changed?