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Covered PersonsAuto Insurance covers the Named Insureds as defined by the policy. It may provide property coverage as well as medical coverages. It will almost always provide Liability coverage. Some policy forms extend coverage to other permitted drivers while some policies will not.

For example a "Named Driver Policy" extends no coverage for other drivers at all whether permitted or not while most "Standard Policy" forms will extend coverage to permitted drivers. It all depends on the type of policy you buy. Insurance is not for cars, it is for the protection of the people who own and drive them.

Your auto Insurance does not automatically insure anyone who drives and it does not as many assume in layman terms follow the car, It follows the named insureds interest in the vehicle when it comes to property. The liability portion covers the named insured as defined by the policy and their legal liabilities as defined in the liability coverage section of the Policy.

Never assume that Auto Insurance Follows the car. Automobiles do not drive themselves. It all depends on your policy language. There are many types of auto insurance policies available in the market place these days.

Never make broad assumptions about your legal liabilities. Your Insurance Agent can usually explain your coverages and recommend the right policy for you.

Happy Motoring.

AnswerMost insurance companies will cover a driver not listed on the policy as long as they can "reasonable assume the driver would have had permission to use the vehicle." and as long as the person has not specifically been excluded from the policy.

Just keep this in mind: The car is insured. A driver permitted to drive the car is usually covered since the insurance follows the car. That owner of the car will always be responsible for anyone driving their car provided that the driver has the express or implied consent of the owner to drive it. That is called "vicarious liability".

Insurers set premiums (as to liability coverage) based, in part, upon the persons who will drive it. The insurer is concerned with the risk factors that the driver(s) create. These include, driving history, age, whether or not the vehicle will be used for personal or commercial purposes, etc.

As a second note, make sure you add drivers to your policy that have a normal access and usage of the car to properly notify the carrier of that driver or drivers. If a carrier finds out that you have a driver that's not listed (either through a claim or other database) they can mandate you adding that driver. Moreover, if a collision occurs the insurer may deny coverage that would otherwise exist. This is because the policyholder did not pay a premium attributable to the risk created by the additional driver/

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Q: Does insurance cover a driver who is not on your insurance?
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Does auto insurance cover any driver of your car?

no, the driver has to be on your insurance or have there own insurance. if your driving and the persons with you then yes

Does your auto insurance company have to cover your son's accident even if he's not listed as a household driver?

No he have to listed as a second third or household driver for being cover by insurance

If you have insurance and let your daughter drive your car and gets into an accident will your insurance cover for the damages?

when you get the insurance you can register your daughter as an autorized driver and the insurance will cover for the damages.

Who is responsible for a accidents costs the owner of the car or driver?

the accident is cover by insurance if the driver did not have insurance but the owner dose then it should cover for uninsured motorist if the driver was not a excluded driver of the vehicle a excluded driver is like a relative that lives the the policy holder but is not on the policy as a driver

Does insurance cover a minor driver who is not on your policy?

If they are not on your policy then they are not covered.

Does your car insurance cover a non-insured driver?


What does collision auto insurance cover?

Covers medical expensives for you and passengers, will cover damages if other driver who is At Fault doesnt have insurance.

A car with liability insurance only is borrowed and in an accident Car is totaled Whose insurance will cover?

When a car is borrowed (with permission) the insurance of the car owner is primary and the insurance of the driver is secondary. Here, the car owner has no coverage to pay for the damage to his/her own car, so the driver's liability insurance would cover the cost of the car. That is assuming the driver has liability insurance, if the driver doesn't have liability insurance, the car owner is stuck (unless he sues the driver).

What does broadened collision auto insurance cover?

Covers medical expensives for you and passengers, will cover damages if other driver who is at fault doesnt have insurance.

Will your auto insurance cover your child?

If you add the child as a driver on the policy.

What if a car rolls into your car and there is no driver?

Well then hope that your insurance will cover it.

If you had an accident and received a DUI will your insurance cover you and the other driver?