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That depends on the policy. You need to read your policy under Perils Insured Against and Exceptions.

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Q: Does homeowners policy cover foundation leaks?
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If a tenant lives in your condo and a common area pipe leaks on their car causing damage should the HOA cover this or will your homeowners liability insurance cover this or neither?

Read both your master policy that covers the condominium association's assets and your homeowner's policy to verify coverage.Also, the tenant's insurance may be a possibility for coverage.Basically, it will depend on the cause of the leak, and that will determine which policy, if any, covers the damage.

Are hot tub leaks covered on Homeowners when they leak?

I don't know if hot tub addendums exist for homeowner's policies, but you would need one to have coverage. Most will only cover your liability if someone were to be injured in your tub, not repair. Also, the Hot Tub is out of your home, so your regular homeowner's policy will not cover it.

Does homeowners insurance cover mold mildew leaks and water damage?

They will not cover mold and mildew damage since the do not cover damage that has been happening for an extended period of time. They may cover water damage if it happened suddenly. It depends on how your policy was written.

Will my homeowners insurance pay for damage due to water leaks?

In most instances it seems not. When getting home insurance make sure to specify you want water damage insurance as well and GET IT IN WRITING BEFORE YOU AGREE TO THE POLICY!

Does Flood insurance in Florida cover plumming leaks?

No, and it is very likely that homeowners insurance will not provide coverage either as if the water damage is attributable to a leak, seep, drip or any other type of long term problem.

Will homeowners insurance farmers cover waste line leaks and mold?

You'll need to talk with your insurance agent or the company. It just depends on what caused the leak. See your home insurance policy schedule of coverage, Typically fire, wind, hail etc. If they are just old and worn out then no they would not be covered as that is just a normal and expected owners maintenance issue.

Does home insurance cover leaks from the roof?

It depends on teh cause of the damage. If you had a big storm that caused a tree to fall on your roof and puncture it and rain came in at the same time then yes it would cover the damage. If you had leaks in the roof due to lack of maintenance and leaks occured in the roof then no it would no cover this type of damage. Home insurance covers damage that is "sudden and accidental" and caused by a covered cause, it does not cover maintenance, normal wear, and damage that happened over a period of time.

How should I handle liability insurance given that I pay local handymen to fix roof leaks and they don't have insurance?

I'm assuming you have homeowners insurance. You should contact your agent or the policy services dept. of your insuring company and discuss this with them, there may not be coverage under your liability portion of your homeowners policy to cover him, and you may want to add an endorsement. Your state insurance department is your best resource for insurance-related questions and concerns. Find information on insurance companies and agents, rate quotes and comparisons, insurance buying tips, claims filing information and much more! State Insurance Department websites:

Does it cover roof the leaks and wet the ceil in home?

It just depends on why you have a roof leak. If your roof was damaged by a covered peril such as fire lightning etc. Then your Homeowners insurance would cover the damage. If your roof is old and worn out, it just needs to be replaced and would not be covered by your homeowners insurance. Roofs require the home owners maintenance and upkeep along with replacement every 20 years or so. It's just part of the cost of owning a home. Failure to engage in expected normal maintenance of your home can be interpreted as a moral hazard and can result in cancellation of your homes insurance policy. If your roof is fairly new and you just have a leak with no visible damage, then it is most likely the result of faulty workmanship and again, not covered by your home insurance policy.

What is valve cover gasket?

Gasket that goes between head and valve cover to prevent leaks

Does comprehensive RV coverage cover rain water leaks?

If you live in the RV full-time, then a comprehensive policy with full water damage coverage should be considered. In fact, it's a great idea. If the RV is only used now and then, you may not need water damage coverage outside your regular policy. Older RVs often need more water damage coverage due to wear and tear. Most RV coverage will not cover maintenance related leaks therefore use RV Roof Magic and be hassle free.

Does homeowners insurance cover new flooring after a dishwasher breaks and leaks all over?

Accidental Water DischargeIt depends on your policy type, HO1, HO2 or HO3 and if you picked up the extra water damage coverage. An HO3 policy will usually already have this kind of coverage included in it. The HO1 and HO2 policy type will usually not have it unless it was picked up as an endorsement and added to the policy for the appropriate premium. Just look at your policy for a line item that usually contains the language"Water - Accidental Discharge" or "Water Overflow".You could also just call you insurance agent and have him or her review your policy, he can respond and let you know if you have the coverage.If price was a major factor when you purchased your policy and you opted for the more economical policy you may not have coverage for accidental water discharge.