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Q: Does Chevy cruze turbo have balance shafts?
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Can you get a factory turbo on Chevy cruze?

Yes, there are option for turbo on the LT model, and now they have a Cruze SS, Turbo charged and fully loaded

How much does Chevrolet cruze weigh?

Cruze 1LT with 1.4 turbo weighs 3084 lbs

Will a 1978 Chevy 350 motor bolt to a 1992 Chevy turbo 350 transmission?

No turbo 350's in 1992.

Does the Chevrolet Cruze turbo require high octane fuel?

put the 92 octane for keep your engine clean and for the turbo engine 1.4 not 1.8 the 92 is the best performance at 4000 rpm high

Will a turbo 400 transmission bolt up to a 400 Chevy block?

A Chevy turbo 400 will bolt up to a Chevy 400 engine just fine. A BOP (Buick, Olds, Pontiac) turbo 400 will not bolt up to a Chevy engine. The bellhousing is different between the Chevy turbo 400 case and the BOP turbo 400 case. Another option is a J-W Performance ultrabell which can be used with a Chevy or a Buick, Olds, Pontiac engine, but this requires the transmission case to be modified in order to use it (The original bellhousing must be cut off and the case prepped, then the ultrabell bolts on with the front pump bolts).

Can you put a turbo on a 2000 Chevy Cavalier Z24?

yes you can, you can turbo anything.

Can you put a turbo 400 transmission on your Chevy 305?

You can if it has the Chevy bolt pattern.

Will a turbo 350 or turbo 400 transmission bolt up to a 396 Chevy big block?

Yes, as long as the transmission has the Chevy bolt pattern.

Can you turbo a Chevy 350?

Yes, but turbo conversions aren't cheap. There's a lot more to them than merely slapping on a turbo.

What transmission fits a Chevy 350?

Turbo 300, Turbo 350, Turbo 400 and 700R4 are the first ones that came to mind.

Will a turbo 350 or turbo 400 transmission bolt up to a 396 Chevy big block motor?

Yes, if they were built with the standard Chevy bolt pattern.

What transmission was on the 1975 Chevy Caprice?

350 turbo.