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you should put your car in neutral when it has come to a complete stop, or when you turn it off or on

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2011-02-25 09:12:57
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Q: When should you put your car in neutral?
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How do put car in neutral if not able to start car at all?

You don't have to be able to start a car to put it into neutral. Put the key in, turn it to on, then the shifter will be unlocked and you can move it to neutral.

What is a sentence for neutral?

I put my car in neutral because it broke down.

What is a neutral sentence?

I put my car in neutral because it broke down.

When you put it in reverse it make a noses and will not go anywhere but you put it in to neutral it will stop?

well it depends if your wanting to go backwards then you put the car in reverse . or if your wanting to stop then you put the car on neutral.

How do you stop a run away car?

Put the car in neutral and apply the brake.

Is it bad to put the gear in neutral while the car is running?


A sentence with neutral in it?

Neutral can be used as an adjective or a noun. She tried to stay neutral while her two best friends argued. She put the car in neutral.

The first thing to do after you experience a stuck accelerator is?

put the car in neutral

How do you move a 96 subaru with eng out of the car?

Put it in neutral and push it.

How do you put car in neutral to tow when the battery is dead 1998 Mitsubishi eclipse spyder?

Turn the key to the run position and then put it on neutral. c.s.

How can you put your 1971 chevy Chevelle in neutral with no key?

you will probably have to get under the car and unhook the shifter cable from the transmission and then you can put it in neutral manually by hand.

Can you use the word neutral in a sentence?

When I wanted my car to warm up, I put it in neutral and pressed the gas pedal.

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