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little more info would help but from the way you worded it it sounds like its a automatic sounds like a transmission problem to me bring it to a good mechanic

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Q: Car works in first gear but just revs the engine when it goes into second gear?
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Engine noise between first and second gear?

turn the engine off

Is it bad for the car engine if you change third gear to second gear in 30mph?

If would not be bad for a car engine to shift from third to second gear if you are traveling at 30mph.

What problem of Isuzu 4BA1 engine the manual trnsmission noisy in second gear only?

a noisy second gear in your transmission is that your second gear might have broken gear tooth which is mostly the problem with my cars.either the second gear on the counter gear or the second gear itself.

How does a motorbike work?

Motorbikes works same with cars. All we need to do is to start the engine and set the gear to first.

Why does Engine loses power shifting in first and second gear what could be the cause?

check the exhaust system

Why cant you go from third gear to second gear?

The engine will over-rev depending on what size engine you have

Shift from first to second gear?

Yep, then shift from second to third gear.

Why does your car jerk and the engine light comes on when in second gear?

you are going too slow for that gear your engine has very little torque at low rpm

Why does your 99 Chevy blazers transmission heistate when it shifts from first to second gear when engine is cold?

Sounds like the front pump in the transmission is tired.

How do you improve the car pickup specially when on second gear?

Change the differential gear ratio and/or increase the horse power of the engine.

How a gear shifter works in an engine?

It doesn't ... it works with the transmission. It's required because the internal combustion engine works best at a fixed speed ... whereas you want the wheel speed to change frequently.

Toyota Echo 2000 sedan model. The car hardly moves in first and second gear It also vibrates when tries to raise the speed in first gear What can be the fualt?

There could be several reasons, such as oil levels, or the engine may be getting old.