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Q: Do auto accidents drop off report in three years for auto insurance?
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How do your points on your driving record go away?

The ticket will always report on your MVR for your driving license. The points come off your license in three years. They will come off your insurance at your first insurance renewal once the three years has passed.AnswerPretty much ditto

How far back can car insurance look on your driving record fl?

This will vary in different states. I know in Georgia an insurance company can request a report for 3 years or 7 years. Most insurance companies request the 3 year report because their rating plan is based on 3 years driving record. It also costs a good bit more to get a 7 year record instead of the 3 year record. I have one company that rates based on 5 years so they get the 7 year record. Lots of times people think that tickets and accidents fall off their record after 3 years but this isn't true. Tickets and Accidents are on your record forever. The only thing that varies is the time period covered by the report that is sold to outside companies.

How long do accidents stay on your insurance in Alabama?

I believe it depends on the insurance company. Some will look as far back as five years and some will look at up to about 3 years.

How far back does progressive insurance co track violations for quotes?

3 years for moving violations and 5 for accidents.

What happens if you get into a fender bender accident without insurance in the state of California?

You can lose your license if you were at fault. If you were not at fault you would be required to purchase insurace with the SR-55 form. This means you will pay higher insurance and will have to do so for three years. (The rules may have changed over the years.) After you have had 3 years of no accidents and no lapses in insurance then you would get another form from the DMV and you could purchase a lower cost policy. In California you can purchase liablity only insurance.

Do insurance companies find out about accidents with a police report if you dont file a claim?

Yes, if a police report was filed then it is probably on your motor vehicle report. The good news is that with most insurance companies, if the insurance company did not pay any loss or no more than $400 then the accident is not chargeable. If it was a one car accident, no problem, otherwise you may want to check to make sure nothing was paid to the other party or their company without your knowledge. As a matter of full disclosure, I own and operate a small Independent Insurance Agency and have for the part 22 years. Before that I worked as an agent for a direct writer insurance company.

How much is high risk auto insurance?

There is no such thing as high risk auto insurance. You will not find a company anywhere that sells it either. There are insurance companies that will sell insurance to people with tickets and accidents and there are companies that will not sell insurance to people with many tickets or accidents. Some companies sell to anyone but just charge more for if you have tickets and accidents or a record of not keeping continuous insurance coverage. My recommendation is to find an Independent Insurance Agent that represents numerous companies, be honest with them, and let them find you the best rate and coverage you desire on your insurance. For full disclosure, I own and operate a small Independent Insurance Agency and have for the past 22 years. I also worked for a direct writer for the 3 years before that.

Does a Massachusetts DUI transfer to Florida when looking for car insurance?

On every insurance application for every state you are asked for any and all tickets, accidents, and claims received in the last 3 or 5 years to be reported. It doesn't qualify this by saying only report it if you think they might find it. Take my word for it if it happened they will find it on your record. If you do not tell the truth on your insurance application then the insurance company is not required to pay your claims.

Is car insurance cheaper for women?

Yes, car insurance is cheaper for women. Insurance companies charge individuals based on demographic data, and women continually cost insurance companies less. This is partially because men get into more accidents, but even those years when the numbers of accidents between genders is nearly-identical, women get in less severe (i.e. less costly) accidents, so insurance companies feel justified for charging men extra.

Do Saga provide car insurance for people under 50?

Saga car insurance is only available for individuals who are fifty years or older. They believe persons who are older than fifty years are less likely to be involved in car accidents.

Gap insurance provider?

form_title=Find a Gap insurance provider form_header=If you're between jobs, find temporary health insurance. Have you had any accidents in the last 5 years?= () Yes () No What type of insurance are you looking for?=_ Will any family members also be on the insurance plan?= () Yes () No

How long does a DWI stay on your record where insurance is concerned?

three years