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This will vary in different states. I know in Georgia an insurance company can request a report for 3 years or 7 years. Most insurance companies request the 3 year report because their rating plan is based on 3 years driving record. It also costs a good bit more to get a 7 year record instead of the 3 year record. I have one company that rates based on 5 years so they get the 7 year record. Lots of times people think that tickets and accidents fall off their record after 3 years but this isn't true. Tickets and Accidents are on your record forever. The only thing that varies is the time period covered by the report that is sold to outside companies.

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Q: How far back can car insurance look on your driving record fl?
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How far back can insurance look on your driving record in Virginia?

They can look as far back as they want to. Though most will only look for 5 years.

Is my insurance and driving record affected if i have an at fault accident while driving a friend's car?

yes. it goes on your record and insurance companys look at you record from time to time

How long does an auto accident stay on your driving record in Mo?

Your driving record is permanent. It never goes away. Fortunately though, Most insurance companies only look back over the last 3 to 5 years of your driving record.

How many years does the USPS look back on driving record?

how many years does the usps go back on driving record

How long does an at fault accident stay on your driving record in Arkansas?

Normally accidents don't go on your license record. They go on your insurance history, and most insurance companies look back up to 10 years.

How far do back employers look at your Driving record in VA?

For insurance purposes, three years. Anything further than that is up to the employer - they set their own criteria as to what they'll accept and not accept on a driving record.

If you are not changing your insurance company will your company look at your driving record?

in general, yes

How long do driving tickets stay on record for cdl in Wisconsin?

Insurance companies look back three years. As for your MVR, it remains on your record either seven or ten years, dependent on your state.

How far back does Florida Car Insurance look on your driving record?

Most insurance companies go as far as 5 years. However, in some states they can go as far as 10 years also.

Can auto insurance companies charge you based on your credit report and not your driving record?

Auto insurance companies do not chrge you on the status of your credit report. They only look at your driving history.

What do insurance companies look at when renewing your auto insurance policy?

Claims history and driving record are the most important things in determining a renewel.

How far back does progressive look at your driving record in sc?

Three years.