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yes just press o and game controls to access the control programing

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Q: Can you use a controller on Drift City?
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When was Drift City created?

Drift City was created on 2007-08-01.

What is the highest level in drift city?

thisux is lvl 100 i think he is the highest rated player on drift city.

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How can you get free drift city accounts?


Drift city transfer pin?


Does ps3 move navigation controller work the same as regular controller?

No it is a special controller to work with the move controller on games designed to use both controllers. You can use a Dual Shock 3 for the Move controller Navigation controller if you only use the left half of it at least on some games

Can you use a gamecube controller for new super Mario bros Wii?

Yes you can use the gamecude controller. When I play with my brother or at video game club they use the gamecube controller.

Where is the play live button in drift city?

on drift.ijji.

Do you use the controller for Madden 12 Wii?

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