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No, you can't use the GameCube controler, but you can use the classic Wii controller.

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Q: Do you use the controller for Madden 12 Wii?
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Is madden 12 available on Wii?

Yes, I have it for Wii.

How do you kick in Madden 12?

Use the hit stick, check settings for controller setup.

Is Madden NFL 12 compatible with Kinect?

No Madden 12 is strictly used for controller use only. But rumor is going around that soon they will make a Madden game compatible with Kinect.

What team should you use on madden 12 wii?

wutever team u want  

Can you use classic pro controler on wii fifa 12?

Yes. You can choose whether to use solely the wii remote (pointer-based controls), the wii remote and nunchuk, or the classic controller/ classic controller pro. Hope this is what you were looking for!

Does madden 12 wii have superstar mode?


Can you make your own team for madden 12 for wii?


What to do if your madden 12 wii game freezes?

turn the console off then on

Can you create a player on madden nfl 12 wii?

yes in franchise mode

Do you need wii motion plus for madden 12?

no, you dont need it

Is Madden NFL 12 on PlayStation 2?

Yes Madden NFL 12 will release on August 30 2011 for the PS2 PSP PS3 Wii and Xbox 360 and also the iPhone

How do you intercept in Madden 10?

On Madden 12 for Xbox when the ball comes your way press Y. PlayStation: Triangle, Wii: B.