Can you show me all your legos?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Q: Can you show me all your legos?
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Does anybody have 2 billion LEGOs?

Noody has 2 billion legos tht would be really wierd if someone used all of there money to by Legos.

Where can one find more information about Sonic Legos?

You can find information about Sonic Legos on the official Legos website. Some other options include Brickset, Brick Show, Brick Picket, Just Bricks and Brick Instructions.

Where can I find legos exo force?

A great place to start looking for legos would be ToysRus. This store has all the legos including the exo force. Target would be another great store for toys. The prices are pretty low for legos.

What happens if all of your legos are broken?

Life ends.

Where can you create LEGO animations?

Either with a video camera and Legos, or get a game recorder, such as FRAPS at and then go to They aren't affiliated with Legos at all, but its an extremely similar video game compared to Legos.

How do you say LEGOs in spanish?


Pirates legos for a 10 year old?

All lego brand pirate legos should be suitable for a 10 year old. You can find a variety of pirate legos on often with free shipping. You can find some of the older pirate legos online on eBay in lots or individual.

Are Legos sold all over the world?

no it is not sold in my contory

How are LEGOs helping the future?

I disagree. They're a great learning toy for kids which helps them become more curiou, creative and understand engineering. Helping kids is great fit and helps the future. #legos

What toys are similar to legos?

A good alternative to Legos are Kinex or an erector set. All of these are toys that require imagination to build something great.

Are there Avatar legos?

No, there are not Naruto legos.

Whats better Minecraft or LEGOs?

Minecraft all the way..... but Legos are cool too. It only depends which one you like better. And you cant really answer this if you dont have both.