Is LEGO or pokemon better

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Legos deffinatly

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Q: Is LEGO or pokemon better
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What is better LEGO chima or LEGO Ninjago?

lego ninjago is much better and cooler than chima

Is LEGO Ninjago better or Lego Star Wars watch better?

On the whole ninja go is better as there arent as many shows or movies for lego star wars

Which is better Lego Indian Jones or the hulk game?

Lego Indiana Jones is better

Which is better lego zane dx or cole dx?

Lego Zane isn't better. COLE DX= better

Which is Better Cod or LEGO If Cod which one or LEGO which one?

its your opinion which 1 is better but i think every 1 of the cod franchise is better than Lego games anyday...

Is there ever going to be a lego pokemon game?

yes yes yes in 2019 they are making a Lego Pokemon game it is Pokemon diamond and pearl all over in Lego

Is there ever going to be a LEGO Pokemon Video Game or LEGO set?

yes there is a Lego Pokemon on for $40.00 it came with 4 chaters ash and the fisrt 3 gym leaters from shoino.

Is Lego batman is better than Lego Star Wars?


Is LEGO atlantis better than Lego Star Wars?

Depends on your interests

Which is better Lego Star Wars LEGO batman or LEGO Indiana Jones?

LEGO Harry Potter! Duh!

What is better Batman arkham city or LEGO Batman?

Arkham City is better for an more adult audience but lego is better for children but i prefer arkham as i am a teenager

What is the best LEGO game for ds?

Batman Lego, better graphics than the other lego games and gameplay is superb.