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but more closely their are about 20000 legos in florda`s LEGO land with stacks of the legos of any kind.

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Q: How many LEGO sets are there in the whole world?
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How many Lego's sets are in the world?


Is there shops in the UK that sells Lego modular sets?

Yes! There are shops in the whole entire world!

How many different models of LEGO toys are there?

There are over 25,000 varieties of individual Legos in the world. There have been Lego sets since the 1970's, therefore there are probably over 1,500 different Lego sets around the world.

How many sets are included in the Lego Town series?

The Lego Town series is one of the largest sets of all the Lego sets. There are a variety of sets in the Lego Town series of all kinds. There are at least 644 sets included in the Lego Town Series.

How many Harry Potter LEGO sets are there?

There are about 55 Lego Harry Potter sets to buy.

Where can LEGO play sets be purchased?

Lego play sets can be purchased at toys r us. They are the world's largest toy retailer. They offer a large variety of lego playsets that many other retailers do not carry.

Where can someone find LEGO sets for girls?

Lego sets for girls can be found at many places. Sets such as "My First LEGO Princess" can be found at the LEGO website or at the Toys "R" Us website or at Amazon.

What LEGO Sets are coming out in 2014?

Lego is the most popular toy brand in the world, and therefore will be for sure releasing sets in 2014.

Are they going to make Lego sets for At World's End sets for Pirates of the Caribbean?


How many LEGO sets do they have?


How many Lego friends sets are there to get?

there are heaps

How many different Lego sets?