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If you have had ur period 2 days after you have had sex then your not pregneant, but if your period is late after haveing sex then you could be pregnant!

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Q: Can you be pregnant if you got your period two days after sex?
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If you have had unpertected sex and you got your period 5 days ealry can you be pregnant?

If you get your period, you are not pregnant.

I had protected sex about a week ago I got my period 2 days after I'm probably paranoid but i think I'm pregnant Am I?

If you got your period, it is unlikely that you are pregnant

You had unprotected sex multiple days the week before you got your period you had a normal period Does that mean you did not get pregnant?


What if you had unprotected sex and then got your period two days later Could you still be pregnant?


Can you be pregnant if you got your period 5 days late And you didn't have penetration You're still a virgin and you only had oral sex both ways?

If it was oral sex then you can't be pregnant

On July the 11th your period had already been 5 days late and on that date you and your partner had sex and you got your period 4 days later can you be pregnant?

Having your period usually means that you aren't pregnant. Most women get pregnant midway betweem their periods.

If you get your period 3 days after sex can you still be pregnant?

No you wont be pregnant.

Can you start your period two days after sex and be pregnant?

Starting your period two days after intercourse, is the sign that you had ovulated about 10 - 12 days prior to having sex - so you are not pregnant.

What if you get your period three days after sex?

Then you're not pregnant...

What does it mean if you get your period 14 days after you got off one?

kso , i know it was stupid , but i had sex with out being on birth control or anything.. and i got my period , so i think it is, but i was reading sometime you do bleed 8 days after you have unprotected sex.. so does this mean i am pregnant ?

Does a girl get pregnant after period if intercourse was before period.later that person got pregnant.was that due to that sex before period or she should have had sex with someone else after period.?

If you have sex two days before your period you are more than likely pregnant. Sperm last about three days in a females body. So,I'm pretty sure that you are pregnant because you are also ovulating before and after your period comes on and at the end of the cycle when it goes off

Can you be pregnant if you normally have a period for 7 days and you only had it for 3 days this time?

Yes, you can be pregnant, your period stops after pregnancy, if you recently had sex and your period stopped early you probably are pregnant.