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Yes but you would need to have the lessor and the lessee as additional insureds on the policy.

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Q: Can someone else buy insurance for a lease car?
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What is the difference between buy and lease a business?

The difference is ownership. When you buy something, it is yours. When you lease something, it belong to someone else and you have a certain set of agreed upon rights but at some point the business returns to the owner.

When you buy a car what else Do You Have To Buy?

Insurance and a license plate

When buying a car for someone else do you need to buy insurance for yourself?

Yes because even though your going to give it to someone, you will still legally own that car.

Can an unlicensed driver buy a car and get insurance for it?

I have known people to buy vehicle without a driver's license, but I don't believe you can insure it. You probably could get storage insurance, or maybe insure it with someone else as a primary driver. But most likely the insurance will have to be purchased by someone else. im an auto insurance agent.... in some states, you may insure your car even if you dont have a valid driver license. you may also buy your own car in some dealerships. you just gotta look for them...

Can you buy insurance if you do not own a car but drive a car which belongs to someone else who is not insured?

The vehicle is insured not the individual. You can pay for and obtain the insurance in the name of the owner with you listed as an insured operator.

Can you buy a used car and have the insurance in someone else name?

That would be "Insurance Fraud". If caught it is a felony and punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

I have my own car and insurance If I buy a car for someone else and I am not the driver do I have to be under that car's insurance as well?

No, but if it isn't spouse or your your kids you'll need to swap the log book over to their name.

Do I need to purchase GAP insurance or is that already part of the package when you buy a new car?

GAP insurance is normally offered to you when you buy a car. If it was purchased at all, that is up to you. If you do not have it then you can find someone else that offers it. A few insurance carriers offer this as part of their plan. Progressive and Unitrin offer that with their auto insurance policies.

Where can one buy container insurance?

Container insurance is insurance that can be purchased by ship operators who own, operate, or lease containers for cargo ships. Purchasing container insurance from Skuld would be an excellent choice.

Can someone buy life insurance on someone else for profit?

You're talking about a 'dead peasant' policy. Yes, they do exist. Wal Mart was one of the bigger known names doing that with their employees.

If you have a Verizon phone and you buy a Verizon phone from someone else can you switch to your phone to the one he sold you?

Yes, but it will be likely that there will be no insurance that would cover that phone if it got damaged.

Who can I buy camera insurance from?

You can buy camera insurance from someone who has camera insurance like the ones who sell the camers to you yes thats about it or go search it yoursef