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the person who crashed into you, because that person was supposed to have yield to let you pass

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Q: Backing out of a parking space and hit a car whos at fault?
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You were almost all the way out of a parking space and hit a car whos at fault?

Yours. It's your responsibility to make sure that the lane you want to enter is clear.

I backed up in a parking lot to re-angle myself for a parking spot and hit a car behind me whos at fault?

You are.

Whos at fault backing up in a parking lot?

Backing out of a parking spaceThe person backing up is at fault, they have a greater duty the fact that the person is driving on the wrong side makes no difference. the person shoudl of waited to back out. --yes but like all accidents like these, it is circumstantial; if person A is backing out, person B is flying by @ 20+ mph, person A checks everywhere & sees nothing and proceeds to back out. they are then hit by car A who is at fault for 'not able to control his/her vehicle'. if both are going proper speeds & it is just a bump, it is definitely A's fault, cuz B has the right of way

Who's fault it is If the backing up car hits the rear door and panel of the Car which is waiting for the car in front of it to pull out of it parking spot?

Just Imagine a parking lot where you can park on both sides. I saw a car backing up from its parking spot from right in front of me, so i stopped and gave him enough space for him to back up. On the left side, this guy backed up and hit my rear door and pannel. he is not accepting his fault. The reason he says is, their was couple of cars standing behind me, and one white car did not have time to wait, he over took me on the left. So this guy thought that their was no car behind and he backed up and hit my car! So whos fault it is? Should i go for insurance claim. This guy wants things to get settled privately by paying 50% of expense, still i will end by spending 500$ from my packet. Plz do advice.

Car stolen in parking garage whos at fault?

The person who stole the car is at fault. If you are trying to place blame on the parking garage, I suggest you read their parking agreement. I would bet they state clearly they are not responsible for stolen vehicles. If they do not, you may have a case. But you would have to prove they did not use reasonable care in protecting your vehicle. Do you not have insurance?

What if you and other party are backing of a parking lot and hit each other at the same time whos liable and both don't have a drivers license?

You pay for your, they pay for theirs, that's all.

You parked your car in a apartment complex in a fire zone and a car backed up into your bumper whos fault is it?

You should get a ticket for parking illegally and the other drive should be cited for inattentive driving. You are both at fault and should get healthy tickets.

If you pass a car and he hits you in the rear end after you passed him whos fault is it?

YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because you passed him.

If an underage girl rapes and 18 yr old boy whos fault is it?


If you hit a car whilest its parked iligal whos fault is it?

The person who could have prevented the collision. In most cases the car that is moving is at fault.

Whose fault is it if you were turning left into an ally and someon from the adjacent street turns right and hits you whos fault is it?

if you where paying attention when you turned then it the other pesons falt but if you weren't then is your fault.

When backing out of my driveway I looked both ways and then backed out and a car came around the corner speeding and clipped my bumper. Damage down to other car but not mine. Whos fault is it?

Unless you can prove the other car was violating the posted limit, the onus to ensure the road was clear is completely yours. Even if you CAN prove the other car was speeding, this may not remove all of the fault from you.