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You should get a ticket for parking illegally and the other drive should be cited for inattentive driving. You are both at fault and should get healthy tickets.

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Q: You parked your car in a apartment complex in a fire zone and a car backed up into your bumper whos fault is it?
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What is Mr Watson's displacement when the bus is parked at the apartment complex?


Who is responsible if your car is vandalized while parked in your apartment complex parking stall?

You and your insurance company are responsible.

Who is at fault when your parked car gets backed into?

Whomever backed into it is at fault.

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Who pays if you backed into a parked car on private property in Florida?

You do.

I backed into a car that was parked illegally behind me is it my fault?

You Dummy!!

What would you do if you backed into an unattended parked car?

B - leave a note

I was legally parked in a parking space and a vehicle pulled up behind me and parked not in a parking space and i backed into her who's fault is it?

It is your fault.

What are some things that are about 200 feet long?

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Am i responsible if my car was backed into and i wasn't in the car?

definitely not, perhaps if you parked in a no parking zone.

What do you do if you backed into an illegally parked car in Virginia on private property and caused little or no damage?


Is it still hit and run accident if rear ending bumper to bumper to the unattended parked car at the gas station with only bumper marks and leaving the scene without notification?

It is in fact a hit and run. The bumper marks indicate that there was damage done, even if it was just superficial.

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