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Yes - in UK law you would be considered At Fault for such an accident. Please see the link below to see how to determine fault generally in a road traffic accident.

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Q: Are you at fault if your car rolls and hits stationary car?
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If I hit a drunk driver Who is at fault in Kansas?

It depends on whether or not the car is stationary at the time of the accident. If your car is stationary and they stumble into it, then they are at fault. However, if your car is moving when they are hit then you're at fault.

When backing out of a driveway with a parked car directly opposite the driveway on a two lane road who is responsible if the car that is backing up hits the parked car?

The car in motion is ALWAYS at fault when it hits a stationary vehicle.

If a car pulls out of a turning in front of you and you hit him when he is stationary who is at fault?

If he was truly stationary and you hit him, you are probably at fault. If he was illegally going through the turn, he might be at fault.

If a Car rolls into a car parked in a disabled spot?

The car that rolled into the parked car is at fault.

Who is at fault if you hit a car that is blocking you from driving forward out of a parking spot?

Yours. If it was stationary and you hit it then it was your fault.

If your car rolls away and hits a car that is illegally parked who is at fault?

You are. You didn't park your vehicle properly. The fact that the other vehicle was parked illegally doesn't give you permission to crash into it.

Who is at fault if car A backed up and car B hits car C?

Car A is at fault.

Who is at fault when car 1 hits car 2 who hits a parked car 3?

Car 1 would be at fault as it was the initiator of the acident.

Am i at fault hitting Car taking up two parking spaces?

Yes. You are always at fault when you hit a stationary object.

If a vehicle rolls back and hits vehicle behind it who is at fault?

Assuming you're talking about a parking lot situation, generally there is no way to establish fault in such an incident. Unless you're a fan of the old "Brady Bunch" TV series. A 50/50 fault, where each driver pays their OWN repair costs.

Who is at fault when a skateboard accidentally rolls out into the street and gets stuck under a car?

It would be the owner of the skateboard's fault. Especially if the skateboard does any damage to that car.

If A moving bumper car hits the back bumper of a stationary bumper car the momentum of the stationary car increases what happens to the momentum of the moving bumper car?

it stays the same