If your friend takes over your payments while the car remains in your name can he get full coverage insurance and list the lien holder you make payments to?

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Your name must be on the Title or Loan in order to get car insurance under your name. Otherwise this is considered Insurance Fraud. It is punishable by the law.
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Can you have a total stranger take over your car and make your payments for you?

It is best to have the person buy the vehicle off you straight out. Then in turn, with the money you receive from him/her you pay the remainder of the loan. It gets too compli

Does an automobile with a lien holder have to have full auto insurance coverage?

Answer . \nObviously all cars/drivers need to have some legal minimum insurance, generally only liability (essentially protecting others body/property). Not collision, wh

If you fail to make three car payments can the lien holder say your act is a felony?

Answer . \nTotal nonsense...They are trying to get their car back. Scare tactics.. He can say anything. . \nBut that does not make it true. Failure to make payments on

Do I owe back payments for full coverage since a tire on the highway caused 6000.00 damage and my insurance company stated I only have liability even though there is a lien on the car?

Answer . No you don't owe any back payments to the insurer for coverage you never had. If you only purchased liability then they will not be paying for the damage you desc

What is a car take over payment?

This is usually a situation where someone owes money on their car, but cannot make the payments or they want to get a different car. They will offer the car up to you in excha

You just had a car repossessed because you can no longer make the payments or maintain full insurance coverage Now the lender keeps trying to call you What should you do?

Depends on if you intend on paying the lender any money. Unless youfile for bankruptcy they can call your house requesting that yourepay them. At some point (saying you owe en

How can I get auto insurance and the car title in my name if I am making payments on a vehicle that my friend is selling to me but is still making payments on?

1st you will need to take yourself to the insurance office and get insurance in your name...you can tell the agent you are buying the car and have to have insurance in your n