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The first fishnet stockings were designed in the early eighteenth century in France. They were used as an alternative to warmer full stockings by women of the evening.

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Q: Where were the first fishnet stockings designed?
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What is fishnet in spanish?

Fishnet stockings = Medias de red / Medias de rejilla

Are fishnet stockings age appropriate for a pre-teen girl?

It's up to the parent but I would stay away from fishnet stockings for a pre-teen girl.

What did Lady Gaga wear at lollapalooza?

Basically an outfit entirely out of fishnet stockings...VERY revealing.

What is something you wear even if it has holes in it?

a belt, fishnet stockings, jeans

Where can you find Misa's stockings or gloves?

*Stockings- you can find them pretty much anywhere with women's underwear, just look for fishnet stockings or lace stockings *Gloves- I just found mine at Claire's. They also have fishnet/lace gloves at costume or Halloween stores; they're pretty popular nowadays.

Where can you buy fishnet stockings Dubai?

There is a stocking shop in Dubai mall on the 3rd level.

What type of clothing should you wear fishnet stockings with?

Fishnet stockings are typically thought of to go along with a sexy cocktail dress, but you can also wear them in place of regular stockings as long as you choose a conservative pair. Look for fishnets with a weave that is close together, or in a neutral color like tan to work them in with your regular skirts and dresses.

What is an Article of clothing beginning with the letter f?

· Flannel Shirt · Fruit of the Loom Underwear . Fishnet Stockings

Which black stockings accessories are available at Victoria's Secret?

Victoria's Secret have a number of black stockings accessories available. They have fishnet stockings, thigh highs, swimming tights, chevron, opaque and lace tops.

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Hmmnn - Was it possibly Boz Scaggs?

Where can one purchase pink fishnet stockings online?

Hue has great looking pink fishnet tights for only $13.50 or $22 for 2. Sizes run from 1 - 3. They look great on and last forever, I know because I own a pair!

Do think if you wear a purple under shirt and a pink fishnet it would go together?

Depends on what your usual style is and where you're headed. I would be cautious wearing fishnet stockings because they can easily go from hip to trashy depending on the rest of your outfit.