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Hmmnn - Was it possibly Boz Scaggs?

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Q: What 1960 or 1970 album cover featured only legs with fishnet stockings?
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Which female artiste featured her baby son on her 2001 album?

Celine Dion had her baby on the cover of the album

Who designed the logo featured on the cover of the Like A Prayer album?

Margo Chase

Album cover jeans with yellow background?

Thee is not a released album cover that has jeans and a yellow background featured on the cover. However, Born in the USA by Springsteen has a picture of blue jeans.

The controversial beatles album cover which featured the group holding chopped meat and baby dolls in notoriosly remembered as the?

Butcher Cover.

What is on the cover of Eric Clapton's album EC Was Here?

E.C Was Here, an Eric Clapton Album released in August 1975, the album cover featured a bare womans back, with 'E.C Was Here' written in red ink.

What 1970 album cover featured a nude girl sitting in a spoon?

The Bee Gees.. Main Course

What female artist featured sitting alone in an old rocking chair on her album?

That would be Carol King on cover of her monster selling album, "Tapestry".

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Is it illegal to put an album cover on a custom t-shirt that you make on a t-shirt website if the cover has never featured on another t-shirt?

Yes, the cover would be copywrited

What album by the band called Blind Faith had it temporarily removed from a number of record stores?

Their only album, titled "Blind Faith" (1969) featured a controversial cover with a naked girl.

Who was black male soul singer wearing a white suit on an album cover in the 1970?

The album "Teddy" by Teddy Pendergrass featured him on the cover wearing a striking white blazer. i believe the LP was originally released in 1976. It has recently been remastered and re-released on CD.

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