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absolutely. ;)

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Q: Is happy ending massage legal in Vermont?
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Are happy ending massage legal?

No. It's illegal but nearly impossible to enforce. The loophole is that customers pay for the "massage" and the "happy ending" comes independently and is merely sex between consenting adults. The happy ending is implied in negotiation. Law enforcement agencies must prove solicitation took place and that money was exchanged for the purpose of the "happy ending". As a result, law enforcement tends to focus on street workers, where its easier to prove solicitation. Massage parlours are occasionally investigated, however.

Is happy ending massage legal in Germany?

Absolutely, yes. But you go to an erotic masseus (which are all over). They're expensive but worth every dime. FYI. Prostitution is also legal in Germany.

How do you get a happy ending from a massage?

To improve your chances of receiving a happy ending during a massage, you should make your preferences clear to the masseuse beforehand and ensure you are at a massage parlor that offers such services. It's important to approach the situation respectfully and be prepared for potential consequences if the establishment does not provide such services. Remember, soliciting sexual services is illegal in many places and can have serious legal ramifications.

Where is it legal in the us to get a massage and a happy end?

Only places where prostitution is legal like vegas

Where is nuru massage legal?

Yes, the Nuru massage is a legal practice in many countries.

Is nuru massage legal?

Yes, the Nuru massage is a legal practice in many countries.

Is nuru massage legal in Maryland?

it is not legal

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