What is Massage with Russian Ending?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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its when people start killing each other

a massage with a Russian ending is when a girl finishes you off with a titjob

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Q: What is Massage with Russian Ending?
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What is Russian ending?

1. when you have satisfactory ending of a massage between the women breast 2. In pre-Hollywood days, European filmmakers would sometimes make different versions of a film for the American market and for the Russian market. The movies for American audiences would have a happy ending, and those sent to Russia would have a bleakly tragic conclusion--the so-called "Russian ending."

What is a happy ending massage?

massage with a hand job

What is happy ending massage?

It is a massage with an orgasmic climax at the end.

How is Russian massage done?

Russian massage is a system of therapeutic and sports massage developed in the former Soviet Union. It uses a variety of manipulations of the body's soft tissues to achieve benefits, including stress reduction

Can seniors be treated with Russian massage?

Because of its gentle, non-invasive nature, Russian massage is considered especially suitable for seniors.

What research has been done on Russian massage?

The usefulness of Russian and other forms of massage therapy is acknowledged by most medical professionals, some of whom have undertaken massage training themselves.

Happy ending massage North Carolina?

When the massage therapist offers sexual services on top of the massage.

Where you can get massage with happy ending in Amman?

Search the local 'yellow pages' for massage parlours

Where can get happy ending massage in Hanoi?


Is it cheating for a married man to have a happy ending massage without his wife's knowledge?

If it was accidental then no, however if you went to a 'massage parlour' wanting a happy ending then yes!!

Is happy ending massage legal in Vermont?

absolutely. ;)