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You may want to retest, the hCG hormone might not have been strong enough to be detected.. However your best bet is to see a doctor.

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Q: Your period was about 1 week early and was very short and light but your preg test came up neg what can this mean?
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Period came 9 days early and its never been early can you be pregnant?

Not necessarily

Period came but was light?

you just got lucky

What causes a period to be 2 weeks early Came 2 weeks early super watery and a dull light pink with breast lower back and abdominal pains?

One reason a period could come early is because of stress. If you are concerned or in a lot of pain, please visit with your doctor as soon as possible.

Can you still be pregnant if you get your period a week earlier?

not likely. some women mistake implantation bleeding as their period. if it was like a previous period, then it probably just came early; but if it was light spotting I'd recommend seeing your doctor for a blood pregnancy test.

What can that mean if your period blood is light orange?

well i want to know the same thing i had an light orange period and the ER told me i wasn't pregnant so I'm getting blood work down to be sure cause my period came 5days early last month(Nov 15) and 5days early this month(Dec 10) but was light orange and only stayed for 3days what does that mean help anyone and my period is always on time and heavy so i do't know whats wrong any answers???

Why didn't my period come this month?

the last time my period came was jan.14.2011 and its the end of feb . i took a preg. test but it came out neg. but my period is never late do you think its to early to tell ?

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I am not on the pill and my period came one week early what's happening?

If you are not on the pill and your period came one week early, what's happening can be quite natural. Periods are not like exact clockwork and outside factors such as stress and nutrition can affect the timing.

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It means your period came a week earlier than you had predicted.That's it, there's nothing more to this than that - your period was just early.

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