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Not necessarily

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Q: Period came 9 days early and its never been early can you be pregnant?
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Your period came 10 days early and that's never happend before your stomach has also been hurting what does this mean?

you are probably pregnant. You should not have swallowed.

Can you miscarry at 1 or 2 weeks pregnant?

Yes. Many women who miscarry that early never even know they had been pregnant.

Is a period that is 2 days early even though it has never been late or early a sign of pregnancy?

If your period was very short and light as well as early there is a possibility that it was an implantation bleed. If your period was normal except that it was 2 days early then it was probably just an early period.

Is it possible you are pregnant because you got your period 2 weeks early and have been having tummy pains?

Yes it is.

A women who has never been pregnant?

A woman who has never been pregnant is referred to as a nulligravida.

Can you get pregnant if you been on shot for two years but missed depo aptment for a mouth but ate had a period?

Yes you can because the hormones in your body when pregnant start changing, and it is possible to have what appears to be a period at early stages of pregnancy

What is the medical term meaning a woman who has never been pregnant?

A nulligravida is a woman who has never been pregnant.

Is Venus Williams pregnant?

No she is not and has never been pregnant

When was Michelle Rodriguez pregnant?

She has never been pregnant. Well from what has been announced

Does period prevent getting pregnant?

No, it means you are NOT pregnant. Your period drops the egg that would have been fertilized.

Was Miley Cyurs pregnant when she was 14?

she has never been pregnant

When did Ahsoka get pregnant?

You mean his wife Padme. She was pregnant in Revenge of the Sith