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My peroid is lasting long and really heavy wat should i do

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Q: Your period is heavy and lasting longer?
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Can you be late then get a light period lasting 3 weeks followed by a heavy period?

you can if you are just starting. it's normal for an irregular flow.

What time period is longer Crastatious or Jarrastic?

The time periods' names are spelled Cretaceous and Jurassic, respectively. The Cretaceous period was longer, lasting more than 75 million years.

If you don't take birth control can you to stop your period?

No it makes your period more heavy and last longer! Dont do it!

What is the probability of implantation bleeding being heavy and coming on the same day of the expected period day and lasting for 4 to 5 days or is it just a regular period?

is your period normally 4 to 5 days

Does freezing batteries help for lasting longer before using?

Yes only sometimes and only for a period amount of time.

After traveling overseas got period week early heavy and lasting forever should you be worried?

well, you will be worried as any lady but try not to be. Just let is pass.

Is having period longer than five days normal?

A period can have light to very heavy flow from minor to severe cramping from 3-8 days

What gum is the most long lasting and why?

trebor is the longest longer lasting gum. why? i have no idea.

Could you be pregnant if your period is 5 days shorter?

No, once you become pregnant you no longer have your period. It is normal for your period to occasionally be shorter, longer, heavy flow, low flow etc as there are many health factors including stress that can impact your normal cycle.

What if your period last up to 8 days?

There's nothing unusual about a period lasting for up to 8 days. The average length of menstruation is 5-7 days, but a little longer than this isn't unusual at all and some women can last even longer.

Which gum is longer lasting?

Orbit has a longer lasting flavor than other gums I have tried. It also seems to have a stronger flavor than the others.

When you feel a heat wave for four days in the summer does it mean that solar energy from the Sun is stronger?

No it will work exactly the same you will just have a longer lasting period of power.